Service Futures: Empowering Reflective Action

What does means for Service Design futures?

The future of services is bound to the future of the planet on which they exist.
We are currently moving towards the radical uncertainties of the future, exacerbated by the climate crisis.

Service Design has the unique opportunity to transform and improve how humans deal with each other, society, and the environment. We need to collectively reflect as service designers in this critical moment for a better future and we must turn this reflection into impactful action. We must act now.

How to take action? Getting Started

step 1

Understand the situation

“We are in a climate crisis.” Use your research skills to scan the horizon of the current situation while keeping an eye on the radical uncertainties of the foreseeable future. The more you know, the more impactful your action will be.

step 2

Aware of Distractions

Many companies and organizations worldwide make inaccurate and often misleading claims and reports about their environmental and social performance. This is called greenwashing, which is a major distraction for impactful action.

step 3

Collectively Engage & Commit

We are all in this together and our collective impact is far greater than our individual. Inspire your partners, stakeholders & colleagues to keep climate emergency at the heart of everything.

How to participate?


Learn Collectively

Empower each other to survey and appreciate the environment and learning collectively by sharing best practices & creating strategic partnerships

how do we aware of distraction

Report Greenwash

Share and flagging grey area within the industry and actively moderate conversation about it.

how do we engage & commit collectively

Share Knowledge

Archiving reusable resources for the community resources library and test toolkit that have been shared. Give feedback of toolkit and iterate.

how do i participate

What is Sferå

Sferå is a sphere of shared learning and reflective action that incorporates play to shift the language of decarbonization and climate narratives in the converging crisis.

Contextual Environment

Transactional Environment

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Get in the sphere